Five Guys: -Good burgers, but a bit pricy- (2 Stars)

I had heard a lot about Five Guys, the restaurant chain established along United Kingdom. Many people had recommended to me its burgers, specially the one with crispy bacon, and I must say that it was yummy.

We were queuing for about 10 minutes to ask for food, but when we ordered it, everything came in less than 2 minutes (fantastic!). Despite of being a fast-food chain, designed in an American style, the quality of its burgers exceeded our expectations.

But, in our opinion, Five Guys has a really weak point, which is the price. Paying almost 9 pounds for a burger in a fast-food store is like a sin, because of a list of reasons: there is nobody serving your food (it is self-serving), you have to share the tables with others, you have to queue by standing to get your burger and this one comes wrapped in some foil into a paper bag. Think about it!

Address (the store we went to eat in London):
Covent Garden
1-3 Long Acre
London WC2E 9LH
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